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Special Risk Emergency Medical Coverage


The Ingle Group has specialized in Special Risk Accident and Sickness insurance since 1946.  We provide a wide range of products and services from insurers worldwide.

If you’re working or traveling in a dangerous part of the world, or engaged in dangerous or professional sports, regular travel or health insurance will not provide the coverage that you need. We offer tailor-made coverage for journalists, sports teams, NGO or aid workers, and anyone else whose insurance needs are “outside the box” of regular travel insurance products.

Most off-the-shelf products exclude countries subject to government-issued travel advisories (the Department of Foreign Affairs in Canada, the State Department in the USA, etc.). These products also usually contain specific exclusions or limitations on acts of war or terrorism, professional sports, and other activities.

We can offer coverage which includes war and terrorism and covers any destination.  All you need to do is disclose the full details of your travel plans, and we’ll be able to quote a premium for a policy that takes into account the risks you’ll be facing.

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International Travel Medical Insurance


When you travel overseas, your domestic health care may not provide adequate coverage for emergencies that could take place on your trip.

International travel insurance is designed to cover anyone going anywhere. These plans provide 24/7 emergency assistance and coverage for hospitalizations, doctors’ visits, prescription medications and more.

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Note: If you are a Canadian citizen who maintains their provincial health care plan, please click here