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In an increasingly globalized economy, more and more companies are finding themselves setting up operations overseas or sending executives around the world on short to extended trips.

What these companies must remember is that their domestic group benefit plans will not necessarily provide adequate coverage for individuals overseas, especially if some individuals are traveling to higher-risk areas.

If you have one or several employees working or traveling often throughout the year, we can create a custom annual insurance plan based on the type of travel, frequency and destinations of your group.  We can also offer insurance on a one-time basis for a team going to a site overseas, or even just look at your existing benefits for you to advise you on whether there are any gaps you should be aware of.
We can provide coverage for a full range of benefits, including medical, accidental death, disability, kidnap & ransom, and more. If you have specific requirements – for example, insurance details that are spelled out in employment contracts – simply let us know and we will find an option that satisfies these requirements. If different categories within your organization require different coverage, just specify these requirements on your application and we will quote accordingly.


How to Get a Quote & Apply


Application Form (Medical, Death, Accident & Disability)
Application Form (Kidnap & Ransom)

In order to get a quote, you will need to fill out the application form above.  This form will allow you to select exactly what benefits you require.  Please allow up to 5 business days for a quote.  If you do not like the quote that we offer, you are under no obligation to purchase, and we may be able to offer other alternatives.

You may also  contact us if you have additional questions or if these forms don’t seem right for your situation.